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A January Farm Report


As of this date, I have:

Over half my equipment came directly from Click & Grow or AeroGarden or from Etsy. Some even came from Walmart. But all the links above are to Amazon.


All my hydroponic equipment is named.

  • The Click & Grow Smart Garden-3 units are collectively named “the Ranch” or "the Ranches." The individual units are labeled Rancho Cero (Ranch Zero in Spanish.) and Ranch One through Ranch Five.

  • The AeroGarden Harvests are named Harvey[1], Harvey Too[2], Seble[3], and Teresa[4]. Each Harvest is served by a reservoir. They are named for water deities (female). respective to the Harvest they feed, they are named Shirley[5], Nancy[6], Lassy[7], and Anny[8].

  • The iDOO 12-pod units are Phredd and Ethyl and Lucy[9].

  • The iDOO 6-pod unit is DEAD AND GONE.

  • The amber Mason Jars are retired for now.


Inventory falls into broad categories - what seed pods are planted where and what seed pods are available to plant. A third category might be what seed pods are on order, and a fourth might be what hardware is there. I'll start with what's planted and where, using the same list as above.

The Click & Grow Smart Garden-3 Template

Ranchero Cero: Out of service.

Ranch One: Out of service.

Ranch Two: Out of service.

Ranch Three: Out of service.

Ranch Four: Out of service.

Ranch Five: Out of service.

The AeroGarden Harvest Template

Harvey: Out of service.

Harvey Too: Out of service.

Seble: Out of service.

Teresa : Out of service.

The iDOO 12-pod Template

Lucy: Out of service.

Ethyl: Out of service.

Phredd: Out of service.

The Wide-Mouth Mason Jar Kratky Templates

Grit: Out of service.

What's available to plant:

  • Click & Grow Romaine Lettuce, 1 seed pod

  • Click & Grow Red Romaine Lettuce, 3 seed pods

  • Click & Grow Red Sweet Pepper, 4 seed pods

  • Click & Grow Yellow Sweet Pepper, 3 seed pods

  • Click & Grow Chili Pepper, 2 seed pods

  • Click & Grow Yellow Tomato, 2 seed pod

  • Click & Grow Chives, 3 seed pods

  • Click & Grow Basil, 15 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Romaine Lettuce, 26 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Salad Greens, 18 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Marvel of the 4 Seasons, 9 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, 10 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Golden Harvest Tomatoes, 4 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Pablano Pepper, 1 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Bell Pepper, 1 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Mega Cherry Tomato, 1 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Italian Parsley, 1 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Pouch, 2 pouches of 6 seed pods each

  • Pepper Joe's Mini Bell Pepper Seeds - 1

  • Sweetest Red, Yellow, Orange Mini Mini Bell Pepper Seeds - 20

  • Caribean Garden Yellow Miniature Bell Pepper Seeds - 50

  • EZ-Gro Gourmet Lettuce

  • EZ-Gro Gourmet Lettuce

  • EZ-Gro Gourmet Lettuce

  • EZ-Gro Gourmet Lettuce

  • EZ-Gro Gourmet Lettuce

  • EZ-Gro Gourmet Lettuce

  • loose seeds, 4 packets of various tomato seeds were Marie Condoed (disposed of) for failing to give me joy.


  • Spare Sponges suitable for Click & Grow, bring your own seeds, 2 each

  • Spare Sponges suitable for AeroGarden AND/OR iDOO, bring your own seeds, 120 each

  • Spare Seed baskets suitable for Click & Grow, 13 each

  • Spare Seed baskets suitable for AeroGarden only, bring your own sponge/seeds, 13 each

  • Spare Seed baskets suitable for AeroGarden AND/OR iDOO, bring your own sponge/seeds, 13 each

  • Spare Click & Grow Hothouse domes, 16 each

  • Spare iDOO Hothouse domes, 15 each

  • Spare AeroGarden Hothouse Domes (fits iDOO, too), 200 each (every seed pod kit comes with 1 per seed pod, plus a bottle of nutrients)

  • iDOO cactus pod covers, 20 each

  • iDOO regular pod covers, 15 each

  • AeroGarden pod covers, 50 each

  • Green Onion Seed Baskets, 12 each

  • Scallion Seed Baskets, 3 each

  • Flexible Pod Covers, 40 each, for surrounding plants to keep light off the sponge.

  • 10 16-oz clear Mason Jars with neoprene covers

  • 9 32-oz amber Mason Jars

  • Other stuff, lots and lots. (Thermometers, pH meters, conductivity meters, remote temperature detectors, fast-reading meat thermometers... stuff.)

  • 10 Etsy Kratky Wide Mouth Mason Jar AeroGarden Adapter as shown in the template

  • 4 Etsy Kratky Wide Mouth Mason Jar 2" Basket Adapter

  • 3 Etsy 2" Basket Adapters for Smart Garden-3s

  • 3 Etsy Kratky Wide Mouth Mason Jar AeroGarden Offset Adapter with air bubbler.

  • 3 Etsy Kratky Wide Mouth Mason Jar AeroGarden Center Adapter with offset air bubbler.

  1. Harvey is short for Harvest

  2. Harvey Too is a play on Harvey the second and Harvey also

  3. Seble is a female Eastern African, Amharic name that means Harvest

  4. Teresa in numerous languages, also means Harvest

  5. Lassy is from Thalassa- primeval spirit of the sea. She was a consort of Pontus and together they presided over the seas.

  6. Nancy is from Naiad. In Greek mythology, the naiads are a type of female spirit, or nymph, presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water.

  7. Shirley is short for Chalchiuhtlicue ("She of the Jade Skirt"), an Aztec deity of water, rivers, seas, streams, storms, and baptism.

  8. Anny is for Anuket, the ancient Egyptian goddess of the cataracts of the Nile and Lower Nubia in general, worshipped especially at Elephantine near the First Cataract

  9. Named for Fred and Ethel or The Mertzes, a married couple on I Love Lucy television show. Lucy is, of course, named for Lucille Ball.

  10. It is far easier to refer to Sheba the She-bucket than to the "iDOO 2-in-1 Hydroponics & Soil Growing System, 6 Pods Hydro Indoor Herb Garden Up to 13.8", Plants Germination Kit with LED Grow Lights, Automatic Timer for Kitchen, Countertop, Home." That is just too weird, and way too long.

  11. All of the amber mason jars are named for towns or cities in Texas. Grit, Fredonia, Pontotoc, and Katemcy are specifically towns in Mason County. The pun was irresistible.

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