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A July Farm Report

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


A fourth AeroGarden® 2020 Aerovoir (pictured left) has arrived, to be connected to Seble. It shall henceforth be named and known as Lassy after Thalassa - primeval spirit of the sea. She was a consort of Pontus and together they presided over the seas.

With the addition of Lassy, all four AeroGarden® Harvests are connected to external reservoirs. AG claims this allows two weeks between waterings. I ass-u-me they mean if the Harvest and Aerovoir are both topped off to start, which is the only initial conditions that make sense. This is supposed to allow you a two-week vacation, leaving the plants untended. I think it depends on how thirsty the plants are and how hot the room is. My Romaine Lettuce gardens suck water down mighty fast. So do the tomato plants.


Lassy has been connected to Seble since last night. Seble is full of those thirsty Romaine lettuce (and one spinach plant that hasn't germinated yet.) Seble has sucked down a quarter of Lassy already, which is not unexpected - Seble wasn't full to start.


Meanwhile, I've harvested the last of the ready Romaine from Teresa for salads. I've had to prune/harvest green onion tops from Phredd, which also went to those salads. They joined red onion, sliced hard-boiled eggs, and shredded cheddar. Top with home-made salad dressing and served for lunch.

Replacing the Romaine pods in Teresa are a Red Romaine and two Butterhead lettuces.. Teresa inherited the orphan spinach (still not germinated) and a baby Romaine. Naturally, the lights got lowered to lowest setting, height-wise.

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