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A June 1 Farm Report

2022-06-01 08:00

June seems an odd month to celebrate the harvest. That's normally October and November, with Halloween and Thanksgiving. But now is when my tomatoes and peppers have chosen to ripen, so now is when I celebrate.

I will never recover sunk costs in crops harvested - that's an utter certainty. I still buy peppers at my FNFL, and tomatoes there, too. One thing I don't buy is store-bought salads. I grow enough lettuce to meet my salad needs. I exceed my herb needs. Dill and basil are aggressive! I have yet to successfully grow parsley or oregano, though.

Chilis and tomatoes are ripening. Enough to invest in canning jars? Not even close. Enough to garnish a salad or two? Maybe. That's the crop at right.

The purple chilis, on which I had little hope except as a decorative addition, surprised me with at least two fruit. Small, round, and definitely purple. It's a start. Now I have to watch the ones I rescued from Ranch Three and transplanted to Phredd - they seem to like it there. They're flowering, and I'm pollinating.

Time to prune the Dill and Basil. Again.

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