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A Mid-July Farm Report

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

2023-07-15 [Updated 2023-07-18] [Updated again 2023-07-20&21]

There's no need to recapitulate the names and types of plants or gardening units in a mid-month report, so I won't. Instead, I'll mention the high points.

First mention is the fortnightly feeding of plant nutrients, which were once again EZ-Gro instead of Miracle Gro. That nearly exhausts my supply of same, while there are at least forty bottles of the Miracle Gro in my stocks.

Next mention is the fruiting of the AeroGarden Purple Super-Hot Pepper plant . I don't know if the fire-engine red color is transitional to purple, but you can see the green peppers they start as. This plant is in Seble.

The order of mention is somewhat random - that's just how the pictures loaded. As a result, we're looking at the arugula plant in Lupe. Four plants are actually growing, but none are large.

Next will be the broccoli crop in Louise. The fruit of these plants is actually beginning to resemble broccoli as we know it.

Mason jars are good for starting tomato plants, but lousy for bringing them to fruition. This plant is begging to be transplanted somewhere, either one of the Harvests with a lamp extender or an iDOO, or preferably, the dotter's outdoor gardens. Or I could rig something. I have clamp-on lamps.

The picture below is both sad and hopeful. Looking at the leaves, you can tell that I missed it when it ran to low water. But looking at the fruit, there's hope for recovery.

Well, forget that. Two of the mason jar jalapeño plants have taken the place of the two dead red fire pepper plants. The two Romaine lettuce plants in Harvey have migrated to the empty mason jars. Harvey is empty and being de-slimed with hydrogen peroxide.

There are three - no, now one - mason jar with a jalapeño plant, all of which have sprouted. I'm uncertain how well they'll do in Kratsky jars. The dotter has mature plants in her gardens. I transplanted the other two as noted up above, then I pruned them to a single stalk. Notice the one below had three before the pruning.

The final picture: A bell pepper plant in Teresa. Teresa is one of the extended Harvests. The bell pepper plant needs the height.

That all for now


Updated 2023-07-18


  • There are 7 AeroGarden Bamboo Storage Drawers. Only two were occupying space on the Garden Wall. Now all seven are there in a single stack. The stack is too tall for the Amber Mason Jars to fit on top. One has moved.

  • I grew the AeroGarden Purple Super-hots just to prove (to myself) that I could. Reviewing the chart at right, those peppers are just below habaneros in heat, and I don't eat anything that hot. Habanero powder used sparingly is a great seasoning. I ripped the PSH plant out of Seble and exchanged it for the Poblano plant in a mason jar.

  • Having put a purple super hot in a mason jar, I then transferred it to my dotter's custody for further transplanting outside. I told her to regard it as ornamental. I even included the heat chart shown here so she wouldn't think I expected her to eat the peppers. She is less tolerant of heat than I am. I can eat the red fire peppers in a salad or chili. She tops out with jalapeños. That's odd, given the blue diamond almonds I've seen her eat, coated with everything up to ghost peppers.


Updated again 2023-07-20

Last update I said the seven drawers were in a single stack. As can be seen, they are now in two even stacks with the seventh below. I might buy an eighth and raise both stacks by one - the power supply cords barely reach as is.

The QYO units cleaned up well. I received spacer covers in black and white, so for the moment there is an AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomato plant in the unit on the right and two AeroGarden Romaine lettuce plants on the left with all the other pods covered. The lettuce will migrate to a Harvest when the LYKO supplies arrive, expected tomorrow.

I need to name these units, consistent with all the others. Then I need to put the name in a highly visible location.

The righthand unit is missing the fill plug. As it happens, a flashlight is the perfect size and is "filling in." (The yellow on on the far right.)


I named them (after my mother and my aunt, her sister) and did some planting.


  1. Lyko Butterhead Lettuce

  2. Lyko Arugula

  3. Lyko Parris Island Lettuce

  4. Lyko Green Chard

  5. Lyko Spinach

  6. AeroGarden Romaine Lettuce

  7. AeroGarden Romaine Lettuce

  8. Lyko Spinach

  9. Lyko Green Chard

  10. Lyko Parris Island Lettuce

  11. Lyko Arugula

  12. Lyko Butterhead Lettuce


  1. Empty and covered

  2. Empty and covered

  3. Empty and covered

  4. Empty and covered

  5. Empty and covered

  6. AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomato

  7. AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomato

  8. Empty and covered

  9. Empty and covered

  10. Empty and covered

  11. Empty and covered

  12. Empty and covered

I purchased "QYO Seed Pods Kit for Hydroponics Garden Kit with 24pcs Growth Sponges,24pcs Pod Labels, A&B Solid Nutrient (Seeds not Included)" and "LYKO Seed Pod Kit for Hydroponic Indoor Garden, 500+ Seeds Lettuce Spinach Broccoli - 7pcs Grow Sponges & Basket, A&B Solid Nutrient Plant Foods, Hydroponic Pods Kit for LYKO, QYO, Yoocaa (Square)". The former came with square green pod labels that fit the pods perfectly. The latter came with foil square pod labels or covers that don't fit well. I had seeds from Lyko left over from a previous purchase, so that's what I planted. Same source. Same seed assortment. I think I have some tomato seeds to start another tomato plant in Cecile.

I should mention that the seventh drawer now resides under Alice and an eighth is on order to raise Cecile to match. I need that eighth drawer for storage, anyway.


The eighth drawer arrived.

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