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A Moving Experience


There are many pictures of The Mancave, especially in the early posts of this blog. But The Mancave is in the garage of my EX son-in-law's house - the title is entirely in his sole name - and he is now unemployed and mentally ill. New digs are necessary.

Using the dotter as my agent and cattle prod, I have located another abode, one which she is satisfied with, or will be once she changes everything to her satisfaction.

I have conceded her the first and second floors. A troglodyte at heart, I have claimed the basement All of the basement. I am not limiting myself to the corner with a ceiling. I will not be calling it a mancave - it will be The Owner's Suite.

The Stairs to the Dotter's Domain

The Finished Corner of the Owner's Suite

Closing is scheduled for 2022-12-29. Moving begins immediately after closing.

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