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A Near-Perfect Breakfast Must Be Endured

Updated: Aug 17, 2022


It's only near-perfect, mind. It starts with a skillet, a tiny little 6" skillet. It actually measures about 5⅝" at the widest, less at the bottom. About 4"? You spray the skillet with butter-flavored cooking spray.

Set the skillet on a hotplate (for me) or the small burner eye and turn to medium heat. Break one large grade A egg into the skillet and break the yoke.

When the egg firms more than a bit, add about 14 grams (½ ounce) of Tillamook farm style thick-cut Mozzarella cheese (or your choice of cheese if Mozzarella doesn't trip your trigger).

When the cheese is atop the egg, add about 14 grams (½ ounce) of homemade extra lean beef chili with hot peppers. No chili? Bacon or sausage would do, if it's already cooked and handy.

Top this with one La Banderita Carb Counter Street Taco. The little flour tortilla is supposedly 4" across, but it's the perfect size for the egg.

Now put a small paper plate upside down on the taco and flip. There you have it! Near perfection. I folded mine like a taco and ate it carefully over the plate. I expected a drip, so I got one. Got that with a finger and ate it, too. (The drip, not the finger.)

I have three of those skillets and their spatulas. I might have a collection fetish. I actually bought them for the spatulas, but never mind that now. They are the perfect size for cooking a single egg, even if you're just going to put it on bread, or an English muffin.

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