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A New Plan? No. Winging It.

2022-06-06 20:40

Teresa and Anny¹ are still in transit limbo. I am ready for their arrival. I have a naked shelf where The Bucket² used to sit. I moved the #8 AeroGarden Drawer to that shelf and trimmed an absorbent towel for them to sit on. That's not a plan - that's preparation.

I ordered a supply of 6"x9" self-adhesive mirror tiles and hadn't used any, so I ran a row of them behind Phredd and Ethel³. I used a few more with the corner shelves, because I could. That wasn't a plan, it was just idle hands bedeviling the decor.

I had two empty three-ring binders and some inserts and unfiled correspondence. Most of the mail (some of it dated back to 2018) helped fill up a trash can. The inserts included transparent business card holders and I of course had unfiled business cards. Past tense. Some of the unfiled stuff was tax documents. I have files for that. No plan, just common sense.

I have an entire file box of printer supplies. Paper, several kinds and colors, and labels. I don't send enough mail to need a supply of address labels but darn me if those shipping labels don't look good on the hydroponic units with names. Like Teresa and Anny. I didn't have a plan for that, I Niked. (Just Do It)

You'd think by this point after all the decluttering plans, my bookshelves would be bare. They weren't. I ripped all my music CDs and Audiofile CDs into the Music directory of the computer and made backups on memory cards and thumb drives. The originals are going to Goodwill. Six of the remaining ten books joined them in the Goodwill box. The books I still have are Naked Through the Snow by Sailor Jim Johnston, the Dragon Compendium Volume I from Dungeons and Dragons, Wearing The Cape The Roleplaying Game by Marion G. Harmon, and Tales of Choco-Erotica, edited and compiled by Dryad, 2003. They're all memorabilia. The first is Sailor Jim's only book, and it's a gas. The second contains one of several articles I sold to Dragon Magazine. It was also in their first "Best Of" edition. I am a paid, published author. The third I need to make sense of some of Harmon's worldbuilding in the Wearing the Cape series. The last... well, they held a festival to honor my contributions to the writing newsgroup at {ASSD} and Dryad collected all their stories and made a book. She would never replace Doubleday or Harlequin, but it's the only copy in the entire world, so I have to pass it on. There was no plan, just tidying up.

I had these three in-baskets. A lot of the mail and tax forms were stashed there. Now they're mostly empty, and I just asked myself why I haven't thrown them out. Habit. Oh, I now - the garbage cans are at the curb for pickup and I didn't want to carry them all the... never mind. They're history.

I'm back from taking out the trash, including in-baskets. There are two books on the top shelf. If they have titles or even content, I don't know. They're decorative - the dotter put them there. I missed a booklet - Medicare & You 2022. It can stay. There is also a third 3-ring binder. My Diet Diary - The story of a lost soul searching for the right weigh... by Gary Jordan. I need to scan that into an ebook and lose all that paper. It's a 2" binder, and it is full. There are also three illustrated Shakespeare plays, now in the Goodwill box: Romeo and Juliet, the Scottish play, and Twelfth Night. I need to plan I mean make a trip to Goodwill.


  1. Teresa and Anny are explained in a post last week. My anthropomorphism causes me to name inanimate objects and talk to them, lest they bite me at an inopportune moment. Teresa means Harvest, and it's the name of a MiracleGro AeroGarden Harvest model hydroponic gardening unit. Anny is a reservoir unit named for Anukit, a water goddess.

  2. The Bucket is an iDOO six-pod hydroponic gardening unit, temporarily retired. If I can figure an external water level indicating system, I'll put it back in commission.

  3. Phredd and Ethel are iDOO twelve-pod units. Because.

  4. There is no number 4.

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