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An Addendum to the August Farm Report

2022-08-10 17:50

Harvey is very, very thirsty today. I put a stopwatch on Shirley, Harvey's Aerovoir, and she is *gurgle-blooping* about once each minute. I've checked Harvey - he is not overflowing, or even over filling. I've checked around and under Shirley - neither she nor the hoses to Harvey are leaking. And yet... *gurgle-bloop*!

Harvey has two Red Fire Pepper plants with dozens of peppers turning ripe. I look and they're purple. I look again, and some of them are yellow or orange. I've been harvesting and more appear. I'm cooking chili (it's on the hot plate as I type) and I used 10 of the peppers, which was only 3.1 grams.

There it goes again. *Gurgle*bloop*!

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