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Another July Farm Report


The piri-piri is ripening, changing from green to red. They look angry. Three sweet pepper pods are fruiting. I know one is yellow sweet peppers - I harvested and ate one. The others will be whatever color they ripen to. The three Bok Choy plants in Ranchero Cero are up and growing. The three Bok Choy in Harvey Too are up and growing. It's a race.

Today is weekly Scantily Clad Gardening Day. That's my takeaway from annual Worldwide Naked Gardening Day. It is also fortnightly Feed Me Seymour Day. I broke out the Miracle-Gro plant food and nourished all my gardens. The Ranches only get an eye dropper-full. They aren't supposed to need plant food.

The Click & Grow Purple Chili that I transplanted from the Ranches to Ethel appears to be the same plant as the AeroGarden Purple Super Hot. The colors and vein patterns in the leaves are the same. If the Super Hot will just pop a few blossoms, I'll know for sure.

Sheba is doing a fabulous job of imitating a lamp, with that single Golden Harvest Tomato plant taking up all the space available. I've raised the lights several times.

I suffered a fly infestation. The little blighters love my gardens almost as much as I do. Besides wielding a swatter to some effect, I put up fly strips and added bug zappers, and the issue is under control, at least until their eggs hatch.

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