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Attention Whoredom Must Be Endured

Every trivial thing must be blogged or posted on FaceBook? I am as bad as the biggest attention whore.

I admit it. Retirement has been every bit as exciting as watching tomato sauce dry on plastic storage containers. Posts like this one kill the time between waking and sleeping. So what inspired this post? I just bought (Amazon or Walmart - I forget which) some alternate liquid Stevia sweeteners to the SweetLeaf shown in the picture. I love the SweetLeaf, but I wanted to do a little comparison shopping.

now Better Stevia Dark Chocolate seemed like a viable alternative. Instead of a dropper bottle, it came in plastic squeeze bottle. Both it and the SweetLeaf claim "1 to 5 drops" should be like a teaspoon of sugar. Both greatly overestimate their sweetness. I prefer the SweetLeaf, but I'm not throwing out the other.

I have other sweeteners coming. I tried to make my own by dissolving 10 or so packets of Stevia - the packets you'd get in a restaurant - into one of my empty SweetLeaf bottles, and then I added a big squeeze of RealLemon concentrate. It's for ice tea, but I'll give it a trial on hot Twinnings English Breakfast Tea. It'll be an alternate to the SweetLeaf Valencia Orange I put in my tea, Earl Grey Decaf, hot.

Tomorrow (later today) will start with home-grown salad. I will harvest Romaine and Red Sails lettuce from the hydroponics bay, add bacon bits and crunchy fried stuff, and slather on my home-made dressing. The dressing has one part chili oil (canola and chili extract) to five parts red wine vinegar with garlic powder and mixed up pepper seasonings. I like it :)

I have leftover stir-fry and leftover chili, but lunch or dinner will definitely be New York Strip steaks and maybe Mac&Cheese. Maybe hash browns. Maybe brown rice. I have choices - I just have to balance the carbs. Steaks have no carbs. Potatoes, rice, and pasta have beaucoup carbs. Portion control is the watch-phrase.

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