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August 2022 Farm Report

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


Farm Report Section I: The Harvests.

  • Red Fire Peppers from Harvey. They are ripening and being picked for stews, stir fries, and salads.

  • Piri-Piri peppers from Ranch One. Also ripening, same uses.

  • Ranch Five Chili Peppers from Ranch Five. There are only a few left. The ripe one was harvested.Ranch Five .

  • The Japanese vegetables in Harvey Too were harvested, tasted, and discarded. Not my thing. The Bok Choy in Harvey Too and Rancho Cero await only the preparation of a stir fry.

  • The Green Onions in Phredd grow so fast, the lights get raised and lowered like a yo-yo. They get harvested at least once every week.

Stir Fry happened and the bok choy from Harvey Too went into it. No other home grown items were sacrificed in the making of that stir fry.

Section II: Not Quite Ready for Harvest

  • Sheba houses a burgeoning tomato plant, a Golden Harvest. It needed a pruning, and while checking for flowers, I found a dozen tomatoes, still green.

  • The Sweet Peppers in Ranch Five, Ranch Four, and Ranch Three haven't begun to turn color. I know the ones in Ranch Five will be yellow.

  • The salad greens in Teresa are close. The salad greens in Seble are still babies.

Section III: Miscellaneous

  • This past Wednesday was FMS Day. (Feed me, Seymour!) All the gardens got their fair shares of Miracle Gro plant food.

  • The last trips to the FNFL (Friendly Neighborhood Food Lion) involved gallons of distilled water as well as groceries. All the Harvests have reservoirs, and three needed refilling. Phredd and Ethel were thirsty. The ranches are all subsisting on tap water plus distilled, and no complaints.

  • New Planting. In place of the Japanese and Chinese vegetables in Harvey Too, there are a Dill, a Thyme, two Marvel of the 4 Seasons, and a Black Seeded Simpson.

  • One of the Green Onions in Phredd gave up and was replaced by a Marvel. Another looks to be a goner. I have many seed pods, but not pods I want to plant.

  • I have a new sport: Tomato spotting. Sheba is producing, but they are small and green and blend in very well. I was looking at six new tomatoes 2-3 cm in diameter for a long time before they resolved into spheres. Sheba will be the go-to tomato farm until further notice.

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