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Bright Light Abatement

Updated: Apr 27, 2022


As one of the retirement projects, I named Bright Light Abatement. There are many approaches to reducing the intensity of the grow lights that each of the hydroponic units emits. One of the simplest is taping a little cellophane on them.

Red cellophane seems effective enough, but so does green. When I commission the next iDOO unit (identical to this one) I'll search my supplies for blue cellophane. Normally, these units overwhelm the eye and the camera.

I'll be including links to other schemes. One of the simple schemes is to build a cardboard barn or house to place over the unit. Some were even not hideous. All the ones I saw were lined with tinfoil on the inside to reflect all the light back on the plants.

I have no immediate plans to remove the cellophane. All that bright light from the grow lights was beginning to hurt my eyes. The advantage of cellophane over an opaque cover is that I can still see my plants, and isn't that why we choose hydroponic gardening over outdoor gardening?

You tube videos dealing with light abatement:

2022-04-27 22:30

I could have turned off the lights for these shots, but I don't like to interfere with the automated cycle. Oh, and the Harvest started blinking the "Feed me, Seymour" light, so I added the required nutrients.

In either shot, the cellophane is much more obvious. It came in 6"x8" sheets. I suppose I should have saved some of the too-d@mn-bright photos for ease of comparison. I might still build a cardboard barn - if I do, it'll have tinted picture windows! :)

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