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Can Boredom Be Endured?

2022-05-24 11:00

So the plans for cleaning and renovation were declared complete. There were other projects:

My wall-hanging vacuum and its accessories were displaced by the Harveys and Seble and an intention for another project. I just happened to have a 2'x2' piece of 3/4" plywood - with some cinder blocks it formed a pedestal for my refrigerator of the time - and an appropriately empty bit of wall in the bathroom. Mounted, therefore, are the vacuum, hose, three extensions, a rug & tile doohickey, three wide suckers, a brush sucker, a narrow sucker, and a reducing sucker for miniature add-ons that are in the barely-visible bag, left edge of the photo. The plywood is mounted to studs. Everything else is mounted to the plywood. There will eventually be wall-matching paint.

Shown at right is the corner display unit I bought years ago. On it are two different cordless phone base units (with phones) and my heart monitor. The top shelf had a plant that now shares space with The Bucket. It's slightly modified from original - one less shelf and all mounting screws on the right side - because the left side of the corner is heating and air conditioning that would not take kindly to screws intruding into its space.

In this corner, weighing whatever it weighs, is the challenger. All of the vacuum cleaner accessories were mounted here, and the vacuum itself below where the mirror and shelf now reside. Obviously, the book shelves and garden are to the right.

This is the same corner after a corner display was assembled and mounted. All those coffee mugs are souvenirs or mementos of one sort or another. I don't actually drink coffee from any of them, although I have.

Obviously, the Swiffer Sweeper moved. A lot. Dust and cobwebs, yo.

Oh, my stars and garters - another underutilized space by my "pantry" bookcase. It has the same problem as the original corner unit. Only one side can be mounted to.

No worries. I only mounted to the bookcase. Now the onions, tomatoes and potatoes have their own shelves. The bookcase can still be moved, though there are no plans for that. Plans, of course, are subject to revision.

Now I look around the room and see that everything I intended as part of Spring Cleaning is done. The dishes are washed and put away. The laundry was folded and found better homes than before. Eleven gardening units are bringing forth new life (ten if I note that The Bucket is empty and down for cleaning and possibly modification - adding an external way to see water level). All the filing is filed, which included five years of tax forms and all my medical and insurance paperwork. I'm down to my last project. Macrame-ing a lampshade for The Bucket. I don't know how to macrame, but I'm not letting that lack tie me in knots (hur-hur-hur).

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