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Celebrating Another Commissioning Is Endured

Updated: Apr 27, 2022


The second AeroGarden Harvest arrived this morning. I filled it (2 liters of distilled water and 10 mL AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food. from Miracle Gro) and planted all 6 of my reserved Romaine pods. It came with a 6-pod Gourmet Herb kit, but I'd have preferred heirloom lettuce or straight-up Romaine pods.

If it wasn't obvious from the first picture, both of my Harvests occupy the same space, back-to-back. Horizontal surfaces are in limited supply, so there they are.

Since the reserved Romaine pods have been committed to the second Harvest unit, I gave up on the dead Romaine pods in the iDOO Bucket. I emptied the Bucket, washed it with water and bleach, rinsed out any residuals, and re-commissioned the unit. Like the Harvest, it took 2 liters of distilled water. Unlike the Harvest, I added 10 mL each of iDOO liquid Plant Food A and Plant Food B, as called for by the manufacturer.

As you can read on the picture, I'm keeping the bucket dedicated to lettuce. What isn't obvious is that those are all iDOO pod baskets containing AeroGarden pod sponges and seeds and capped with after-market pod covers. I need to order more pod covers. The majority of my pods are AeroGarden. They work really well, except for the Red Romaine lettuce.

I need to stop buying anything else hydroponic related until existing stocks dwindle a bit.

2022-04-27 06:45

Four days into this cycle, and I can see germination in all six of the Romain Lettuce pods, and all of the various pods in the bucket. Still no sign of growth is the R d'H pods nor the Mint pod. I harvested a few leaves of Red Sails and Black Seeded Simpson for a BLT last night. The last of my Deer Tongue pods has germinated.

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