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Chili AGAIN!?!


The answer is yes. Chili again. You see, I had harvested dozens of insanely hot AeroGarden Red Fire Peppers and another dozen insanely hot Click & Grow Piri-Piri Peppers and a jalapeño pepper, and I certainly didn't want them to go bad, so...

Besides, chili is one of the most versatile dishes in my limited repertoire. You can eat it straight, or add cheese, or garnish it with crispy stuff like crackers or fried onions. You can make it a component of a pasta dish. Chili mac is good. Mac and cheese with chili is better. Spaghetti with chili instead of tomato sauce is fabulous. This morning, I ate a chili-cheese omelet on wheat bread. It was marvelous.

Picture a pizza crust covered with chili and Mozzarella. Or French bread, same way. You've probably seen a "bloomin' onion" - picture a scoop of chili with potato sticks sticking out like a cactus.. (It's delicious, but way too salty.)


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