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Chili Must Be Endured

Usually, my recipe is labeled I Can't Believe It's Not Chili. That doesn't apply today - this stuff is Chili. The other stuff is thinner, more watery, because there is no tomato paste or thickener such as corn flour. This stuff obviously has tomato paste. It stuck to the spoon, and the pan, and the bowl...

This was served with Kraft Mac&Cheese on the side. I've been cutting back on carbs, but the Mac&Cheese pushed all my limits, even given that it was the individual serving size. It was also served with fresh hydroponically grown basil, of which I have an abundance.

I made errors during cooking. The first things in the skillet should have been the onions and garlic, followed by all the peppers. The ground beef should have waited until the rest was sautéed, and when appropriately browned, the tomatoes and paste could be added. The diced tomatoes & chilis, and the tomato paste were indeed last, but everything else was in reverse order. It made for crunchy peppers and onions. No matter. I ate 'em. :)

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