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Comforting Noises Aren't Endured - They're Cherished

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

2022-06-18 21:50

It rained last night. There were storm warnings, even. But the pitter-patter of rain on the window and the air conditioner is very soothing and helps me sleep. The air conditioner itself is a quiet one, but the noise it does make is soothing and helps me sleep.

You know that noise a water dispenser makes? The "gurgle-bloop!" when a bunch of bubbles race from bottom to top? My Aerovoirs make that noise, especially Shirley. (She's the one named after the unpronounceable Aztec water goddess.) She's connected to Harvey, and Harvey has two rapidly growing Red Fire Pepper plants. I have stickers on each reservoir to show me how far down the level has dropped since I put the sticker on. Of course, I can't remember exactly when I put the stickers on.

No matter. Shirley has dropped two inches with just the two plants. Teresa hasn't seemed to drop at all, and she has six Romaine Lettuce plants. I'm watching Teresa's level. I even put 5 drops of green food dye in the bowl to make it easier to track. Seble doesn't have a reservoir, but she doesn't seem to need any water. Six more Romaine Lettuce plants, but none seem to have germinated. Nancy has only dropped a half inch into Harvey Too. Harvey Too has my oriental crop and none of them are tall enough to remove their domes. As soon as I typed that, I double-checked and took the domes off the Mizuna and one of the Bok Choys. Making a liar out of me.

The gurgle-bloop is not soothing. I love it when it happens, but it doesn't do what rain or fans do for me. Instead, the lack of gurgle-bloop has me double-checking things. I'm going to write the date on the level stickers and reposition them. For great justice!

2022-06-19 One of those comforting noises is the sound (and feel, but that's not a sound) of a fan near my head. There was a Comfort Zone fan on the wall in the bed nook, over my head as I sleep. It had been turned off to remove accumulated dust. Today, I vacuumed all the dust off. When I plugged it back in, it seized up. Dead. I moved the 4" fan from the wall by the AC to replace it. Then I promptly disassembled the dead fan for spare parts.

Shirley gurgle-blooped all night. I checked the clock - each gurgle-bloop was about thirty minutes apart. :)

Anny Gurgle-Bloops quietly, like a lady
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