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Compiling a Cast of Characters

Updated: Dec 1, 2022


Grey Wolf has been writing a series at Stories Online called Variation on a Theme. He's 32 chapters deep into Book 4, and someone lamented the lack of a character list.

I'm re-reading the entire series, not for the first time. A cute little LED light bulb went on over my head. "I could compile a character list and offer it to Grey Wolf," I thunk selfward.

I've completed Book 1. I think I have 150 entries. I'm doing this in HTML in NoteTab Pro - maybe I should have used Excel? Anyway, here's what it looks like so far:

Allow me to add a screenshot to show the formatting that the blog post does not. This screenshot is of a PRC file from Mobipocket creator as seen in Mobipocket Reader in Fullscreen mode. It looks similar in Kindle. It looks different in HTML (bottom)



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