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Dietary Restraint

Updated: Jan 26


In my case, dietary restraint should resemble hand and leg irons, particularly when it comes to Asian food. I avoid several Chinese buffets for that very reason. Last week, Grandchild #4 (AKA dotter's 2nd child) asked for a ride to the mall, in the mood for a particular variation on that theme. In the beginnings of the food court was Stir Fry 88. Their menu is neither large nor eclectic. You want General Tso's Chicken on Fried Rice? They'll hook you up. Spicy Bourbon Chicken on low mein noodles? Easy-peasy. Egg rolls? Mais oui! Brocoli Beef on rice noodles? Can do. Follow the link to their menu.

So, two grandkinder and I drove to the mall and got five specials. Four were double orders of General Tso on low mein, one was a bourbon chicken and spicy bourbon chicken on fried rice. There were drinks, but that's not important. The idea was to feed the whole family.

Where does this fit in with the diet? I was able to download (or at least screenshot) the nutritional information for everything I consumed, then weigh out portions and record it all. In theory. In actual fact, I just stuffed my face and burped. I needed restraint or at least to be restrained, and I wasn't, either way. I think I'm going there tomorrow.



I went back. I bought dinners. This time I measured, and refrigerated my leftovers.



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