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Discontinuity Must Be Endured

First, I recycle this older picture, because it shows my bookcase, such as it is. It is entirely Rubbermaid shelves, wall brackets, and supports. I come by my love of Rubbermaid honestly, at least.

I wanted to do a little re-arrangement of the shelves, to, frankly, make room for some of my hydroponics. So I went to Lowes, where I bought this entire system some years ago. The dotter claims it was no more than five years, but I think closer to ten. No matter, because the sales reps at Lowes say they discontinued the Rubbermaid shelving system over two years ago.

I went in armed with pictures from the parts I wanted. Matching them would be a simple matter - you can make out the bar codes, if nothing else!


No longer carried at Lowes.

"Rubbermaid has their own website - perhaps you could check there."

Rubbermaid has several websites, domestic, commercial, international. But my shelving system is no longer a part of any of them.

I suppose I could achieve my goals by increasing the spacing between shelves, thus requiring no more than the shelves I already have. I'll think about it.


Life is handing me a Lemon. I could use it to make a battery to power the switch on my Improvised Explosive Device and show life who is boss. Or not. Life might set it off to discontinue me. *Sigh*

Some things must be endured.

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