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Enduring the Name Game

2022-05-03 00:DarkThirty

Harvey, Harvey, bo-barvey,

Bonana-fanna fo-farvey,

Fee fi mo-marvey


I'm sure you can do the rest, all by yourself. And if you wonder if I suffer from anthropomorphism, well Duh! So yes, I have named all my gardening gear. Referring to Harvey or Harvey, Too (upper left) is so much easier than saying, “AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Gardening Unit ][.” (I stole the ][ from my first computer, an Apple ][+. It was followed by an Apple //e. Apple seemed to have problems with the capital letter “i”.) I may have already mentioned naming the “iDOO 6 Pod Hydroponic Gardening Unit, Esquire” as "the Bucket." (upper right) Given its shape, no better name jumped out at me.

I was having trouble with a name for the “iDOO 12 Pod Hydroponic Gardening Units” until they kept saying “I DO” at me, so I came out of retirement as a minister long enough to marry them. They are Phredd and Ethel. (middle left and right).

That only left the five Click & Grow Smart Garden-3 units, which I already collectively named, “the Smart Garden 3 x 5 Ranch, Bar 0” A.K.A. “the Ranch.” So the individual units are not so much named as labeled, Ranch One through Ranch Five. (bottom)

I have not named my new four-step step-ladder, but I want it to know I love it as though it was my ladder by blood.

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