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Errata to the Appendix to... Well, There I Go Again

Updated: Sep 25, 2022


I found a package on the porch containing two Seed Pod Kits - one of nine Salad Greens (whatever those are) and one of nine Romaine Lettuces. There will be another, similar package in five to ten business days, containing 24 Salad Greens, 24 Romaine Lettuce, and 12 Marvel of the 4 Seasons. I like salads. I just ate one made mostly from a Marvel and other veggies. So that's a change to the appendix, too. What else has changed?

1. Names

None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. No new names have been added.

2. Inventory

As has just been mentioned, three categories of inventory have been altered. As before, we start with what's planted and where, Only the changes will be listed.

  • Teresa: Four Romaine Lettuce, germinated under their domes. One Marvel of the 4 Seasons lettuce was harvested and eaten. Two Salad Greens newly planted. 2 domes on the salad greens and seven domes to hardware.

  • Phredd. Filled, fertilized, and starting with one Heirloom Cherry Tomato sprout and one Golden Harvest Tomato sprout after cleaning mold and algae from them. See the Amber Jars below.

  • Art:. AeroGarden Golden Harvest Tomato sprout moved to Phredd after scaping off mold. Empty

  • Fredonia: sprout killed by mold and algae. Empty

  • Hilda: Donated AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomato sprout to Phredd. Empty.

The next category is what's available to plant:

  • AeroGarden Romaine Lettuce, 9 seed pods

  • AeroGarden Salad Greens, 7 seed pods

The final category is hardware. More domes, more AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food (18 bottles in one drawer alone) because AeroGarden ships a new dome with every seed pod and a new bottle with every seed pod kit.


After a thorough cleansing with bleach, iDOO baskets were ready for re-use. The Salad Greens, 7 seed pods were planted into Phredd. One of the tomato plants had died, probably the Heirloom Cherry Tomato plant. The Amber Jars are all soaking in bleach except Katemcy and Pontotoc. [Pontotoc is a Chickasaw word that means, “Land of the Hanging Grapes.” Pontotoc, TX is named after Pontotoc, MS.]

One Romaine Seed pod from inventory was added to Ethyl.

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