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Etsy Must Be Endured

Updated: Jun 19, 2022


Clicking the picture will take you there. So, What is Etsy? Click the question and read their own self-description. I quote: "We help our community of sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses."

When I started searching for accessories to my hydo-gardens, Etsy is where I found all the prettiest and sometimes weirdest. I'll be the hundredth to admit (as I'm sure I am not the first) that you have to read the descriptions carefully. Also, read the reviews! I've been delighted by most of my purchases. I also scored a refund from a seller who seems to have gone out of business without telling Etsy.

An example of a seller who goes above and beyond is Benjamin Allen from NewHeroTech. I've been tickled multi-shades to buy light stands for my solar lights from him. We've traded messages. He is eager to please.

This is a solar light between two Harvests, recharged by their grow lights. and on when they're not.

They do hate bad reviews at Etsy. They want to fix whatever earned a less than five star review. I was annoyed when I bought pod baskets for green onions for my iDOO and also for my AeroGardens. They were the same product - it fits both (and I'm using twelve of them in Phredd right now, they need pruning) but were listed separately as iDOO Green Onion Pods and AeroGarden Green Onion Pods. I gave them three stars. (I should have gone 4.5, but there are no half stars.) Whatever, I love them and they are all in use.

Do not let me imply that Etsy is only about gardening. It's about... everything! Furniture, clothes, jewelry, crafts... everything! It is definitely worth a visit. :)

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