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Exercise is More Endurable Sitting Down

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


I do not currently own a bike. What you see at left is a Dutch Step-Through Upright Bicycle. An American looking at this bike would say, "That's a gurl's bike" because it lacks the nut-buster support bar. Note also the swept-back handlebars that are easier to grip when you aren't crouching low over the nut-buster to reduce wind drag. This particular bike has no speeds but "pedal madly." I'd prefer at least three speeds and maybe seven. Front and rear brakes might be nice, too.

I've joined I think it's the same site I belonged to when I dieted back in 2017? Anyway, it lets one create bicycle routes with mouse-clicks. It measures the distance travelled and has a log for recording each time you ride the route and how long it took. I've saved a route - "Around_the_Block" - and "ridden it" on foot five times in six days:

I'm averaging a 10.5-minute walk around the block. It isn't a lot of exercise, but I am still peeling the skin off my couch-potatohood. A journey of a thousand miles might start with a single step but is best accomplished in comfort, and right now my hips are not comfortable.

I mentioned on Jennifer Crusie's Argh Ink that I was looking at bicycles on the web and immediately got beaucoup good advice. Author JaneB pointed out the importance of a wide saddle as opposed to the butt-wiper saddles that often come standard, and others agreed. I knew that - the last bike I owned was so equipped and I replaced the narrow saddle with one more appropriate to my size,

Hanneke pointed me to a shop in Winnipeg, Plain Bicycles, and also a video by NotJustBikes to get an idea of what she was talking about. The video pointed out what I already knew - America is friendly to motor vehicles and not bicycles or pedestrians. Hanneke believes in upright step-through bikes for cheap transportation. I live where there are no sidewalks and no bike lanes or bike paths. Even a trip to the FNFL* less than 1800 meters away involves sharing a stretch with cars and trucks traveling at 60 kmph.

Ultimately, any bicycle I acquire is for exercise, withing the confines of the neighborhood and not on the bordering roads.

2022-07-15 06:30

I walked the route again. That makes seven times in eight days. I might go bike shopping later today. My hips aren't killing me, but my left heel seems to be bruised. It isn't a problem while I'm wearing sneakers, but barefoot I want to limp a lot.

I've made another route, this one to the FNFL and back. I thought it was 1800 meters away, and it might be "as the crow flies." But the trip there comes to 4.6 kilometers, which is 2.3 km or 2300 meters one way.

2022-07-17 08:30

Today was the ninth walk Around-The-Block. The stats say this week I have covered 4.06 km in an hour and a minute. Call it 4 kmph. Tomorrow starts a new week.

2022-07-20 07:49

Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Around-The Block walks so far this week. This morning was notable in that I donned a reflective vest and a flashlight and did it at 02:30. I'm setting a slightly faster pace.


* Friendly Neighborhood Food Lion

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