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Exercise Must Be Endured [daily updates]

Updated: Jul 13, 2022


Diet alone isn't going to reduce my waist any further. I grabbed my stopwatch and took a walk around the block. 11 minutes 34 seconds. I thought my hips were going to kill me. I'll do it again tomorrow. I'll do it daily until I can add some time and distance. It may finally be time to replace my long-since-gone diet bicycle.

Walking would be cheaper than buying a bicycle. I've become more sedentary than I realized. I need to walk, though eleven minutes isn't much. Well, I was tired before. Now I'm

2022-07-09 06:50

Same course. New shoes - athletic shoes with memory foam. 10 minutes 36 seconds. Faster, but more winded. Hips hurt again. I need to do this every day, and possibly twice. Now I need a shower.

19:30 - My hips hurt. My feet hurt. "No pain, no gain." For dieters, that's stupid. It should be "Some pain, no gain" or "No pain, no loss." Either way, there's pain.

2022-07-10 07:21

Same course, same shoes. 11 minutes, 29 seconds. Hips still hurt. Feet are okay. It's drizzle-misting, so I wore my windbreaker. Broke wind a couple of times. Carried an umbrella but didn't use it. I'll not be walking tomorrow morning. I have an appointment with the urologist to go over the prostate biopsy results. If I feel up to it, maybe I'll walk after the appointment. Doubt it. I think I need a day off.

2022-07-12 14:40

I took the 11th off to rest the hips and feet, and because I had a medical appointment. Today, I missed the morning run (asleep) and by the time I was up, it was 90°F outside, and I was unwilling to stress my poor heart in the heat. That means I better get my ass up the rest of the week for sunrise walks, or the exercise will fall by the wayside. I'm substituting some chair yoga for today.

22:20 - My conscience wouldn't let me off because I blew off the chair yoga, so I strapped a flashlight to my waist, mounted another on my ballcap, and carried a third and set off in the semi-darkness 'neath a full moon. Same course. Boat shoes. 9 minutes 52 seconds. My hips and feet are fine, for the moment.

2022-07-13 05:45

The sun isn't up yet. It's 70°F outside, 10 minutes 24 seconds.

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