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From The Valley of the Jolly

Updated: Jun 5, 2022



(You were expecting maybe a green giant?)


The chili peppers are ripening. The tiny tomatoes are ripening. I've got purple chili peppers fruiting from purple flowers. The stubs of green onions are reaching the lights, growing fast. Let's not even look at the herb garden. Thai and Genovese basil try to grow out of control, the dill is worse and thyme and rosemary are not far behind.

I harvested two lettuce plants today, one romaine and one deer tongue. I mixed in some of those green onions, all the mini-tomatoes shown at left, and one of the larger ripe chili peppers. Added some bacon bits and fried onions and my dressing and called it brunch. I'm not counting the bacon bits as a "meat meal," so I haven't broken fast. I plan to finish off the stir fry with pineapple and stuff.

According to FedEx, Teresa will be here with Annie by tonight. I'll have them both in commission before bed.

2022-06-05 23:05

FedEx lied again. Teresa and Anny are not here.

I decided to let the Stir Fry go another day. Steak and rice was dinner.

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