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Here's Lucy


Lucy arrived this afternoon from Amazon. I had already cleared a space on the shelf under the Ranches, so the oh-so-easy setup meant she could go right into her new quarters.

Lucy is planted with four do-it-yourself seed pods with Mini Bell Peppers from Pepper Joes. Hopefully, they're far enough apart not to interfere too much with each other.

She gets her name from Lucille Ball. I already had a Phredd and Ethyl, so it just seemed fitting. To get an idea of location, let me pull the camera back a bit...

Lucy and The Ranches

Don't be fooled. That's a full-sized bookcase. The Ranches are on top, and Lucy's grow lights are at my eye level.

The iDOO 12-pod Template


  1. Empty. Covered

  2. Pepper Joe's Mini Bell Pepper planted 2022-10-22

  3. Empty. Covered

  4. Pepper Joe's Mini Bell Pepper planted 2022-10-22

  5. Empty. Covered

  6. Empty. Covered

  7. Empty. Covered

  8. Empty. Covered

  9. Pepper Joe's Mini Bell Pepper planted 2022-10-22

  10. Empty. Covered

  11. Pepper Joe's Mini Bell Pepper planted 2022-10-22

  12. Empty. Covered

Lucy is plugged in and fed with 20 mL of plant food and off to the races, so to speak.

Description: Want to try a hand in growing a variety of different colored miniature bell peppers? You’ll have a blast growing these colorful mini bell peppers! These small sweet peppers produce a huge crop of sweet lil' bells with a rainbow of colors. They grow on smaller 24" plants and are virus resistant. So tender and delicious, you can even cut them up fresh in your garden salads or use them with your favorite dip. The flavors are amazingly sugar sweet. These small bell peppers are one of our favorite sweet peppers. Why? It’s just not just their tasty flavor, but they are so easy to grow. Species: Capsicum Annuum Heat Level: 0 SHUs Type: Mild Origin: USA Days to Harvest: 65+ Days

From Pepper Joe's description, the first harvest might be right around Christmas/New Year's. But his seeds aren't specifically for hydroponic gardens (which are supposed to grow 20% faster than in soil), so if they grow at all, they may be ready sooner.

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