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Hey Pepper Plant- What's Eating You?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


I'm soliciting help. This is a yellow sweet pepper plant from Ranch Five. Is something eating my crop? Is this some sort of blight? Is this normal? I'm going to harvest and eat the peppers, shortly...

kay at Argh Ink said, "I know nothing about gardening, but I am a dab hand a googling stuff for my mother, hope this is helpful"

It looks helpful. I eliminated three causes right off. Note from the pictures that I have removed the plant from Ranch Five and placed it in a Kratky container. It's sharing light from Ethel.

Nicole at Argh Ink said, "I downloaded an app called Picture This that has a free model and helps diagnose sick plants. Been right the three times I’ve used it so far, afaik!

Meanwhile, I've pruned the dead/diseased leaves and I'm letting it suck up a little more light before I harvest the peppers.

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