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Home Cooking... Endured?


Last night I put together a stew in the crock pot and let it slow-cook overnight. It has corn, carrot slivers, green beans, shallots, minced garlic, V8 (low sodium), red potatoes, Merlot, beef niblets, and corn starch. Very basic. The corn and beans were "no salt added." I sprinkled fresh basil over everything.

Today I cooked two pounds of chicken thighs. In the spreadsheet, it's "hot dish." Like the stew, it has green beans, corn, and red potatoes. Vidalia onion instead of shallots. No carrots, so bok choy. You can make out the red fire peppers.

I've sampled both. They are delicious. Something to look forward to. But I think I'm having a pork chop for dinner. On brown rice.

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