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Home Moanership

Updated: Jan 4, 2023


I told the dotter I was going to be proactive, starting my buyer's remorse on the way back from closing. BR is inevitable - you commit the rest of your life to a huge mortgage, complicate your taxes, assume monthly bills or PITA, electricity, water, sewage, trash collection, and everyday maintenance. You're going to morse and remorse.

Then there are the little problems not found during walkthroughs and inspections. The washing machine drains into a double deep sink which backs up and leaks. There was no washer during walkthrough, so we didn't find that one. The water connection for the refrigerator is a female. The connector on the fridge is also female. No worries, buy the appropriate adapter and march on. However, we bought the wrong fitting. When the dotter pulled the fridge out, she gouged the linoleum.

The dotter was already upset because the hot water fixture on the shower/bath spun and spun and didn't open. She started to day with a cold shower, I'm guessing 55°F, so she started the day cranky. That one was within my skill set, so I fixed it and got a hug.

We need to replace a lot of electrical outlets because whoever painted the house did not remove the plates nor tape over the sockets. Some of the outlets are two-prong with no ground.






I really need to unroll that rug. My feet will appreciate it. As soon as I anchor the pantry to the pillar, I'll fill it with canned goods. The blue shopping bags are full of cans.


Attention Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea - the dotter has declared the kitchen entrance to be the default entrance for all foot traffic. More specifically, she does not want anyone to come in and out vis the sunroom. Let's cogitate on that a moment...

This is a view of the sunroom and sunroom entrance. There is a sidewalk leading to the mail box, which is located on Lee Avenue for convenience, S Mesa Drive being too busy for mail carriers to stop their vehicles on. A driveway leads to the carport.

This is the opposite side. I agree that we would prefer nobody use the front door, which would require them to park on S Mesa Drive (see busy road above) but there is no sidewalk leading to the kitchen entrance. There is a sidewalk leading to the basement entrance, which is under the kitchen entrance. She proposes to add five or seven paving stones ("pavers") from that sidewalk to the kitchen steps.

All of this will permit her to maintain the sunroom and living room in pristine condition? Did I mention that I moved in with the dotter and her four teen/preteen children? That the family TV is mounted above the hearth in the living room? That the TV is co-located with the X-box?

Older photos show a driveway on the kitchen side, which the utility company nixed by putting utility pole stays in the middle of it. Older photos also show an in-ground pool beyond the carport.

I may fuss and fume, but the dotter and I have a treaty of occupation. She and the grandkinder live upstairs and do as they please... quietly. I live in the basement and do as I please... quietly. She may come into the basement to use the washer and dryer. I can go upstairs to use the bathroom. Peaceful coexistence. I didn't even yell when she painted a living room wall flat back.

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