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Home Moanership IV

JANUARY 18, 2023 AT 1:32 PM

Happy Third Wednesday of the Month (AKA Social Security Check Day)! I can afford to pay my mortgage, or eat. Maybe both. I just got out of bed, roused by a missed phone call. 12:48 in the afternoon. I might have been up really, really late last night reading Welcome to Temptation again. It is such a pleasure having heat and electricity again! My desktop thermometer says 72.5°F/22.6°C. Also 40%RH. Home Moanership is never without problems. Never! Jest some’s less worser’n others. Good heat? Good power? The hot water faucet in the tub drips in 8/8 time. Step 1 – locate and shut the cutoff valve. Done. Step 2 – disassemble the faucet and identify the gasket/o-ring/seat type and run to Lowe’s for a replacement. But first, there’s coffee! Replies:

  1. Jan Kindwoman JANUARY 18, 2023 AT 2:54 PM Home Moanership. So true. It’s always something!

  2. aunt snack JANUARY 18, 2023 AT 3:12 PM As Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

    1. Gary J JANUARY 18, 2023 AT 6:08 PM AND another! Lowe’s did not carry the right seat. They sent me to McKay’s True Value Hardware. True Value had exactly the right part… 40 years ago. I searched thru bins and found something that might substitute for the right part. I installed it. It’s a temporary fix. NEXT problem, please. I tested a reservoir with Lucy the hydroponic garden. It worked. Since Lucy was full of water, I planted six lettuce plants. They probably won’t grow – I was fully dressed when I planted them.

Finding McKay's involved finding Main Street in Hopewell. Next problem - McKay's is not on Main Street. Drive home. Fire up the search engine for Hardware Stores near my address. Ah! There is McKay's True Value on 15th street. Directions? Turn right on my street. Go to the stop sign, Turn right on 15th street. Drive a mile or two, through one of the ubiquitous traffic circles or roundabouts Hopewell is infested with. There it is on the right. Had I been carrying my phone, I could have tried to Google it while I was in downtown Hopewell. Naturally, I wasn't carrying.

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