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Home Moanership XI


There are two refrigerators in my house. One downstairs in the Owner's Suite with me, an over & under Frigidaire (top freezer) which stocks my groceries, such as they are. Frozen vegetable keep company with tuna steaks and dolphin filets and Tyson Cornish game hens. There's some chocolate ice cream in those cute little cups, too. The refrigerated portion has steaks, Black Forest deli ham, baby Swiss cheese, a filtered water dispenser, condiments, celery stalks, sodas, V-8, fruit drinks, and leftovers.

The other is in the kitchen (main floor) and holds the family foods. It's a side-by-side Fridge with water/ice dispenser in the freezer door. I get overflow and things like the dotter's diet coke (which, besides taking up too much space, would be gone in a day.) The grandkinder are growing, based on consumption.

Mr. Fidge needs maintenance, and is still under warranty. The dotter has contacted the manufacturer several times each week since March. The extended warranty is through the store, but they will do nothing while the manufacturer's warranty is in effect.

You may be familiar with the procedure. Call. Get an appointment. Have the repairman not show. Call again. Get another appointment. Have the repairman not show again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

A repairman finally kept an appointment, and the refrigerator is working silently and efficiently. How many stars should the manufacturer get on Yelp?

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