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Hydroponics is All Wet

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Or maybe, "Hydroponics are All Wet."

I was getting frustrated with the lack of space for my aquaponics gardens and their accessories. What we have here is a bamboo drawer from AeroGarden, the company that sells the majority of my seed pods. (You can make out an un-stored kit on the right, by the bee tickler. Three more drawers are due to arrive today. One will go under my ink jet printer, one under my laser printer, and the third under my IDOO 12-pod unit, not shown here. I have enough equipment to fill at least two of them, even assuming I store all than nutrient solution separately. Every kit comes with a bottle, you see.

Both the QYO and IDOO systems come with two-part nutrients and cute little measuring cups on the caps of the bottles. I have enough kits for several years' worth of gardening.

When I set up the IDOO system, it will start as the temporary host of the plants already started while their units are emptied, cleaned, and refilled with clean water. I wouldn't want mold or algae to destroy what progress I'm enjoying.

Speaking of progress, one of my Rosy Finch tomato plants has finally sprouted some flowers, and the ones shown are not all of them. I'll finally be able to wield the bee vibrator and get these babies pollinated. I made the mistake of planting nine tomato plants at the start. I've been pruning and thinning the herd ever since. This particular plant migrated from the right-hand QYO to the left-hand unit. Now I have to prune it or it will shade all my lettuce plants. Tomato plants are greedy that way.

Tomatoes like it hot. Salad greens like it cold. I like 'em in the pot, nine days old. Sorry, not what I meant to say. I think, after the cleaning, that all the salad greens will end up in the IDOO unit. Maybe that'll be cooler. Or maybe it'll just be out from under the tomatoes.

The drawers arrived. The printers moved, easily. The new IDOO unit has been filled and all the salad greens transplanted to it. The only empty drawer (and not for long) is the one under Brother Printer on the bottom tier. (That makes the HP Deskjet at the top Sister Printer. They're sororal twins.)

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