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I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole... *burp*

2022-06-18 13:07

I will remember it as "The Bok Choy Chili." The one I made five days ago. It was, for all the beef, a very healthy chili, full of sweet peppers and hot peppers and onions of different types, and also a crap-ton of bok choy. All the peppers and onions went through my "bangy-choppy thing*" and were rendered to smaller than diced. Not so bok choy. It was cut up solely with a knife, and so there were chunks and strips. Where everything else was softened by cooking and reheating, not so bok choy. Still crunchy to the last spoonful.

A dietician would have probably instructed that a serving of Bok Chili would weigh 3 or 4 ounces (85 to 113 grams), I did not so limit myself. I ate 1.6 pounds for lunch. 730 grams. With 8 crackers to help shovel it in. It is done. I am done. *burp*

While I may complain about the crunchy Bok Choy bits in every spoonful, I have nothing to say bad about the flavor. It was a very delicious chili, and I will make it again. There's 2 pounds of hamburger in the fridge, onions, peppers, extra peppers, no garlic, dammit, and even a fresh red pak choi plant in Ranch Two. I will use my bangy-chopper on everything not liquid or beef. I'll use lots of garlic powder in place of the minced garlic. Also garlic pepper.

It will be even healthier.


* It most closely resembles this bangy-chopper at Amazon. That isn't it - mine has no manufacturer's logo on it and isn't identical.

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