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"If It Was Up Your *ss You'd Know!"


Have you ever heard that rude expression? It's an irate response to the question, "Where is my [fill-in-the-blank]?" I may have heard it a few (too many) times in my life and used it, too.

I got the dreaded phone call this morning. The one confirming my appointment for a prostate biopsy on Wednesday at 13:50 in Richmond, an hour away. I've had one before; the results were negative, no cancer. But my PSA has doubled since then. Better safe than sorry.

I start the antibiotics tomorrow. Two pills twice per day for three days. We don't want any infection. I let my dotter know I'd need my car, then I went shopping for NMA. That's not an acronym. Say the three letters out loud. The dotter said, "Too Much Information, Dad." I said the same thing, but I'm the one who'll know, as the rude expression said.

There will be a follow=up.

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