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If They Don't Take, It Must Be Endured

2022-04-17 22:00

I edited this photo for brightness and size. You still can't make out what's on the right, but I'll tell you. You see, all the guides tell you that when it comes to tomatoes or peppers, when more than one seed sprouts, choose the healthiest and prune the rest. Or pull them up, roots and all, and plant them somewhere else. That's what I've just done with the Click&Grow Smart Gardens.

I need to do more, but I hesitate to snip a plant that's flowering. If it is about to bear fruit, I don't want to abort them. (No, that's not a political position, I'm just greedy for more peppers and tomatoes. Do politicians look forward to eating the babies? [Don't Answer That!]) Anyway, I ripped up some plants where more than two stalks rose and put them in QYO sponges and pods. As Countess Vorkosigan and Emperor Gregor might say, "Let's see what happens."

The QYO has three rows of four pod holes, arranged in an offset pattern to accommodate the lighting mast in the middle.

Row 1, left-to-right:

Hole cover with cactus, AeroGarden Mini Jalapeño, AeroGarden Mini Jalapeño (over a month old, transplanted, 6" tall), and hole cover with cactus

Row 2, left-to-right:

AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomato, Smart Garden Chili Pepper (transplanted), hole cover with cactus,and AeroGarden Heirloom Cherry Tomato

Row 3, left-to-right:

Smart Garden Purple Chili (well over a month old, transplanted), AeroGarden Mini Jalapeño, AeroGarden Mini Jalapeño, and hole cover with cactus

Meanwhile, there's the Romaine Ranch in the iDOO Bucket. I think I overfed the unit. The Romaine plants, which had all germinated, started to turn brown and spotty. I took immediate corrective action. The one in the foreground looks better. The center one may be germinating. The rest bear close scrutiny.

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