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The picture on the left was taken by the in-built computer camera some time back. The one on the right, just minutes ago. The biggest difference in the lighting is the contribution from the IDOO Hydroponics Unit to my right, which is kicking up a boatload of reflected reds from the white deck. The other differences? A few weeks growth on top and the first shaved face in many years. Now I think I kept the beard just to hide the jowls and turkey wattle, but I think removing all the white facial hair just de-aged me ten years.

I have an appointment for a routine check-up with my cardiologist tomorrow. The hard part will be getting him not to prescribe crap like Lisinopril or upping the dose on my metoprolol, things in the cardiologist playbook. "You're a diabetic - you need Lisinopril!" No, I don't, and if he prescribes it, I'll ignore it. Unless he can convince me otherwise.

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