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Indecision Can Be Endured


Indecision is the decision not to decide. As I look around my domain, such as it is and what there is of it, I take particular note of the unfinished projects. Is it worthwhile to finish any of them? Which ones?

Let me back up to a reason for uncertainty. This garage apartment is in a house in which the title rests solely in my ex-son-in-law's name. Tenancy is subject to change without notice. I might be looking for a place to live tomorrow; I might live here the rest of my life.

It seems I should triage the projects. Does the project involve a capital improvement? The application of mirror tiles to the walls would seem to be such a project.

I've added six Kratky Mason jar hydroponic gardens (two are waiting for hardware). They and the four Harvests, three iDOOs and six Smart Garden-3s are motile. I can move them anywhere. The dotter has expressed concern that my hydroponics are responsible for the biggest electric bill she has ever seen. I totaled up the wattage of all my units and put it in terms of light bulbs: one 100 watt, one 75 watt, one 50 watt, and one 25 watt. Everything is LED. I'm sure my window air conditioner made a bigger contribution than all my hydroponics together. In any case - mobile.

Other projects live on the computer(s). I've an enormous electronic library, and I'm making it bigger. Why? If I direct that each descendant be given a copy, which if any of them will use it? Their tastes are not mine. Should I waste another minute in accumulating book, videos, audios?

I am quite unable to decide, and in that indecision, continue my inertia.

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