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Intermediate Redistribution Must Be Endured

Updated: May 13, 2022


This is an older photo of the bookshelves before they had to share space with hydroponic gardens.

This is a photo of the bookshelves this evening, after the 'ponics turned off. There are fewer shelves. The shelves are further apart. Harvey and Harvey Too are on the bottom shelf flanked by their reservoirs.

Not exactly a close-up, this photo manages to include the Harvey's and their mothers, who will get names. Or maybe they're girlfriends. I'm sure they'll let me know. The redistribution is still in progress. In fact, picture mirrors behind the shelves. Reflect on that a moment.

2022-05-13 20:00

Redistribution is still at an intermediate stage, but I have acquired half the mirrors I wanted and installed same. These are from Lowes, $7.89 each. 13.5" x 49.5", which you can see fits nicely between the shelf supports. There isn't room for one of these mirrors where the outlet is, so I'll be looking for a much smaller mirror. I thought about self-adhering mirror tiles, but they want $30 per square foot. I don't think so.

The problem with mirrors behind the shelves is that any picture of the hydroponic equipment becomes a selfie. It also seems self-defeating to use mirrors to make more light while trying to reduce the light from the gardens. One hurts the eyes - the other reduces my electricity usage.

Anyway, here are the latest photos.

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