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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

2022-08-26 23:37

It's a simple replacement for the bulb in the overhead socket. It looks all high-techy but it's just a different arrangement of LEDs from the incandescent look-alike it replaces. And it is brighter.

So what's the problem? It isn't a remote-controlled light. It's screwed into a pull-chain fixture. See the pull-chain? No? It broke after maybe two pulls, because the light interfered with it. So now it's OFF.

What is the fix? There's a screw-in remote on its way, due Sunday. When it arrives, I'll unscrew this fixture, screw in the remote-operated fixture, pull the stub of the chain (ON), screw this fixture into the remote-operated base, and mount the controller by the light switches near the outside door. Mounting the remote there means I can turn on the lights when I enter after dark. (It can be removed from the mount.)

I can live without the overhead light until Sunday.

Sunday arrived; with it, the Amazon Delivery Man

I was watching on three exterior cameras on the blink ap (It's an Amazon thing) and captured the arrival of Mr. Amazon, so I dashed around to the front steps and retrieved my package. Within minutes, I had removed the %$&*!# clamshell packaging, inserted the battery, mounted the remote, positioned the stepladder, ascended, unscrewed the light, pulled the pull-chain, screwed the light into the remote base, and screwed the assembled compound fixture back into the ceiling base.

"That took as long to say as to do," I hyperboled. [Note to self: Never verbify hyperbole again.] There are pictures.

<-- The wall mount and remote

The remote removed from the wall mount.

As shown, the remote has a wall mount, from which it is removable and portable, but I think I'll leave it mounted. The new "bulb" casts cool white light. I am satisfied. The room is finally well lit.

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