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Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Are Publishing Their New Books

Updated: Jul 8, 2023


In August of last year I posted Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie Are Writing a Book , complete with art for a potential title - it was still up for debate at the time. Since then, they shopped for a publisher and found one, but nothing would come out until late 2024, so they are Self Publishing and all three books will be out this summer!

BUY THESE BOOKS! You won't regret it. :)

Lavender's Blue (The Liz Danger Series Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Jennifer Crusie (Author), Bob Mayer (Author)

From the NY Times Bestselling duo that wrote Agnes and the Hitman, the first book in a new trilogy. Liz Danger has returned home after fifteen years to deliver a giant teddy bear for her mother’s birthday (color: Guilt Red) when a cop with a great ass picks her up for speeding, fixes the missing lug nuts on her back wheel, pulls her out of a ditch, doesn’t give her a ticket, and helps her avoid her family. This is a man with real potential. The rest of the day goes downhill, starting with her finding out that the only man she’s ever loved is getting married to Lavender Blue, the most beautiful woman in southern Ohio. Really, the best thing in her day is that cop with the lug nuts. Vince Cooper still isn't sure about being a cop in Burney, Ohio, a place he just moved to six months ago, since Burney is full of some fairly odd people spaced between long stretches of boredom. Still, considering the dangerous, difficult life he had before Burney as an Army Ranger and New York City cop, boredom is good. Then he picks up Liz Danger for speeding and life gets a lot more interesting. And when he picks her up again in the local bar the next night, he starts to realize that “interesting” doesn’t begin to describe what’s going to happen to him if he pulls Liz into his arms and his life As Liz navigates her dysfunctional family, her flamboyant boss phoning in from Chicago, her still-interested ex, her bridesmaid dress from hell, a dachshund with issues, a disaster of a wedding, assault, murder, and three hundred and ninety-three teddy bears, Vince shows up to get her through, even though he knows that the real peril for him in Burney is the one who came with her own warning label, Liz Danger.

Rest In Pink (The Liz Danger Series Book 2) Kindle Edition

by Jennifer Crusie (Author), Bob Mayer (Author)

From the NY Times Bestselling duo that wrote Agnes and the Hitman, the second book in a new trilogy. Liz Danger is a ghostwriter, stuck in her old hometown for the summer, and trying to get her widowed ex-boyfriend off her leg. Good thing she has Vince Cooper, her recurring one-night stand living down by the river in his old diner car. Vince makes her feel happy and safe and normal, so she’s got that until September when she’ll be leaving again, although she’s starting to wonder if she really wants to leave the guy who fills her life with laughter and satisfaction. Vince Cooper is a cop in a town that’s coming rapidly undone because a new housing development is bringing a lot of armed strangers, the town’s mayor is corrupt, his police chief boss is depressed, and there’s an idiot blog writer trying to stir up trouble. Good thing his recurring one-night stand is sticking around for the summer; Liz Danger makes life cheerful and satisfying. The only drawback? He’s not looking forward to the empty space she’ll leave behind her when she goes in September. Treacherous small-town politics, a rust belt biker gang, a widowed ex who doesn’t understand the word “no,” a seven-year-old in need of a temporary mom, a blonde dachshund with issues, a flamboyant boss who needs watched at all times, exploding family secrets, arson, murder, and and three hundred and ninety-two soaking wet teddy bears later, Liz and Vince will come face to face with the madman burning down their town, and even worse, with their imploding relationship.


THAT ISN'T THE COVER. That was just my suggestion for a cover, back when the title was still unsettled.

I suppose it is still my suggestion, but they didn't go with it...

One In Vermillion (The Liz Danger Series Book 3) Kindle Edition

by Jennifer Crusie (Author), Bob Mayer (Author)

From the NY Times Bestselling duo that wrote Agnes and the Hitman, the third book in a new trilogy. Liz Danger is stuck in her hometown of Burney, Ohio, because her insane employer has rented a house there for the summer, which means she has three more months of trying to get a copy edit done, babysitting a seven-year-old, and figuring out what to do with three hundred and ninety-two teddy bears. And then there’s her mother. Even the good news that she’s living with a hot cop is tempered by the knowledge that sooner or later, she’s going to have to figure out her future, and she still not sure what she wants that to be. Vince Cooper is stuck in a town that keeps asking him when he’s going to make an honest woman of Liz Danger and in a job that’s just sunk into anarchy because of local and state politics that are kneecapping the police department, not to mention a biker gang and Liz’s ex-boyfriend who still hasn’t figured out that the ex part is permanent. Good thing he has Liz to come home to . . . until he doesn’t. As Liz and Vince try to navigate their increasingly complicated relationship, they’re finding out startling new things about themselves and the town they’re trying to protect, and that means dealing with greedy politicians, arson, broken hearts (not theirs), vandalism, questionable real estate, murder, and a lot of soggy bears.

One in Vermillion: That red in the ledger isn’t just the ink.



Here's the link to Bob Mayer's high tech Tiktok video . Jenny says Bob is the expert (among them) at self-publishing and advertising. If I were any good at advertising, I'd have all their links to Facebook and Twitter and Apple iBooks and Kobo and... everywhere you might prefer to buy from. I just buy from Amazon, so...

There's been mention of print on demand for the books, hardcover or trade paperback. I only do eBooks and AudioBooks, so investigate that on your own if you're interested.


From Argh Ink:

Let’s Try This Again: Universal Links

Bob just sent me this:

I do have universal links for the books: Lavender’s Blue: Rest In Pink: One in Vermillion:

As you can probably tell, I’m hopeless at self-publishing, which is why I have Bob. Well, one of the reasons I have Bob. OTOH, I am aces at rewriting, which is why I’m doing that while he handles . . . whatever. I think he fixed the glitches in the non-US Amazon listings, too. The man has had a rough two days, so thank you, Bob.

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1 Comment

Cynthia Harrison
Cynthia Harrison
Jun 13, 2023

This is great. You really make me want to read this series! It’s amazing and brilliant Bob and Jenny are going indie! Love that!

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