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Leaving Over

2022-04-29 09:45

The most obvious takeaway from this photo should be that the QYO systems are gone and the iDOO has moved to their former home. The dotter will bring the second iDOO tomorrow and I'll commission it. I think the iDOO bucket may migrate to the nearer of the platforms in view. Or the inkjet printer on the top shelf may move to the middle while the bucket, with suitable light abatement, moves to the top. Color me undecided.

But that isn't what this post is about. This is a FOOD post. It's about cooking, as in, that's what I did for the past twelve or so hours. I might have titled it, "Cooking for Leftovers."

I baked pork spare ribs in onions, green beans, red peppers, and chili oil. I baked Beef country ribs in onions, green beans, red peppers, and chili oil. I baked boneless, skinless chicken thighs in onions, serrano peppers, red potatoes, and chili oil. Then I broke out the skillet and made Chili - Ground beef in onions, serrano peppers, diced tomatoes in basil, oregano and garlic, diced tomatoes and chilis (Rotel), tomato paste and chili oil.

What does everything have in common? Chili oil, which is actually sesame oil with chili extract infused. So what am I eating today? New York strip steak with brown & wild rice. I told you, the rest of that stuff is leftovers, for when I don't feel like cooking. What does all that have to do with the QYO units now belonging to the dotter's boyfriend?

I gave him the units "as-is." Except that I cleaned the left unit, not wanting to turn it over grotey as it was. But they went with the plants intact in them so all my ripe tomatoes aren't my ripe tomatoes any more. I need to harvest some lettuce, and I was going to pluck three tomatoes and snip a little basil and make a salad. I'd add cheese and bacon and chili oil-based dressing and crispy fried garnishes.

The Smart Garden tomato plant has gotten heavy with tomatoes and needs propping up. But none of them are ripe yet. All my store-bought tomatoes went into the baked chicken dish. I need to plant to a better schedule in the future.

On the other hand, all the recent plantation is germinating, except those Rouge d'Hiver lettuce plants. Five of six are no-go plants.. I plan to invoke the guarantee from AeroGarden. Six Romaine and all six plants in "the bucket" have germinated.

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