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Leftovers. They're Always Endured.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022


After I did the morning things, which included weekly weigh-in, I started cooking. I started with Swordfish Steaks. Why that? Because Walmart and Food Lion are both out of tuna steaks. I served them with a crab cake, and some crispy fried onion garnish. Next, I started some crock pot chicken. Cubed chicken, green beans, corn, vegetable broth, jalapeño peppers, onions, carrots, potatoes, and a can of V8. I ate a bowl between lunch and dinner. It needed more cooking. I switched the crock pot to low and moved on. I had pork country spareribs, so I chopped up an onion and two (very) small potatoes and added the ribs in a cake tin. 90 minutes, and straight to the fridge (after cooling on the counter for an hour.) Oddly enough, the crock pot and toaster oven both operating did not overwhelm the circuit. Perhaps it is the microwave that draws the most current. Finally, dinner. A broiled New York Strip and minute rice (Brown & Wild). Now I'm enjoying a 12-ounce cup of decaf coffee before bed. The swordfish, the crab cake, the steak and rice were all consumed, but I have STEWped Chicken and Country ribs for tomorrow and/or Saturday. Or later, because I have hamburger to cook as well. Maybe some more chili.


The dotter having gone to visit my-son-her-brother down south, I was free to go shopping just for me. I've had this bottle of Merlot for ages, and when I went to open it, I discovered an actual cork! Well, not actually a cork made of actual cork, but a stopper in the bottle neck that requires a screw-like device for removal. Guess who doesn't (didn't) own a corkscrew. Right. Road Trip! The dotter's favorite dog was loose in the front yard, so when I opened the car door, she leaped in. Off to my FNFL* we went. Of course, I rolled the windows down so busybodies wouldn't have an excuse to smash them in. They still didn't have tuna steaks, so I got some flounder fillets. Got a corkscrew and stoppers. Got water and beverages. I should have bought steaks, but rushed myself with Lola in the car, waiting. So. A serving of pork ribs with onions and some 'taters was lunch. a hefty serving of STEWped Chicken was dinner. The reason I wanted to open the bottle was to use three ounces or so of the Merlot in cooking chili, later. Oh, I decanted the Merlot into three eight-ounce water bottles, so I didn't need the stoppers. I might even put off cooking the chili until Saturday and enjoy chocolate tonight. Lots of chocolate. :)

* Friendly Neighborhood Food Lion

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