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Let There Be Light

Updated: May 10, 2022

2022-05-08 04:15

I was up at 02:15 this morning, after nine hours of "nap." I hadn't meant to zonk out for the night, but there it was. The trouble with rising at that hour is all my rhythms are di-urinal. "In the pisser," so to speak.

Then 04:00 rolls around and, one after another, all my hydroponics light up for another sixteen-hour day. Remember that "light abatement" is one of my projects, currently implemented using 6"x8" sheets of colored cellophane. Me being me, I purchased one (1) cropcloak AeroGarden cover from Etsy. It's supposed to be a perfect fit for an AeroGarden Harvest, so Harvey is going to get a new coat. Depending on Harvey's opinion, I might get something similar for Harvey, Too. There will be pictures. They make them for the iDOO 12s, so Phredd and Ethel may get an early Christmas, too.

OTOH, colored cellophane is cheap. ;)

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