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Limited Outlets - Light Needed - Enduring

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


The garage is mostly illuminated by a single overhead light with a pull-chain switch. I went to some trouble to provide other lights, but in reality, the man-cave is lit 16 hours per day by the grow lights of 13 hydroponic gardening units. When they turn themselves off, it gets dark in here.

I purchased two 10-inch under-counter linkable LED fixtures and installed them behind my All-in-1 Computer. I was not satisfied with the result. It wasn't the lights' fault. They have three settings for light effect, warm, cool, and sunlight. They have settings for off, low intensity and high intensity. It came down to location, location, location.

So I bought three more, linked them up, turned the intensity on to high and sunlight, and strung them across the top shelves of the book shelves, as shown below.

Their new locations being well above eye level, I have what amounts to indirect lighting. Lets pull back across the room.

The room is still a bit dark, but it fills in for what the overhead bulb didn't. When both are on, everything is much better.. The new problem is that those shelves are eight feet above the floor. To turn them on and off, I have to unplug them or climb a stepladder.

I'm too lazy to reach behind the computer to unplug lights, so my solution is remotely controlled outlets and remote controls. I've already selected all the devices I want to control from a distance.


The remotes arrived at noon and were installed in minutes.

  1. Top shelf indirect lighting

  2. bed nook overhead light

  3. Left reading lamp, headboard

  4. Right Reading lamp, headboard

  5. Computer system backlight.

I'm holding the second remote control and especially its battery in reserve. For the hundredth time, "I live in the dotter's garage." It's a confined, compact space. I suppose I could put one on the desk and one on the headboard, but no. If that were a temptation, I'd double-sticky tape one to the wall by the outside door.

As it is, I think I'll use a multi-outlet plug for the reading lamps on the headboard and rescue one unit for use elsewhere. The pull-chain overhead has a three-prong plug. I might add a large overhead LED fixture.


The remotes have been re-arranged, and likely will be again.

  1. Top shelf (and second shelf) indirect lighting

  2. Computer desk lamp.

  3. Bed Nook Overhead light.

  4. Left and Right Reading lamps, headboard

  5. Spare, currently plugged into a fan so I don't lose it.

I demonstrated the remote to the dotter. She just said, "Why didn't you just get smart lights and Tell Alexa to turn them on and off?"

Smart alecky kid! I had good, sound reasons for not buying smart lights.

  1. Smart lights aren't generally cheaper than the remote-controlled outlets, and I already owned most of the lights I wanted to control

  2. While I could have Alexa or Cortana or some other smart controller running on my computer or phone, I believe those programs are an unnecessary burden on the CPU and may actually be spyware for Google or Microsoft or the NSA. I turn them off.

  3. I know there're free-standing controllers, but they each and all need electrical outlets, of which none to spare have I.

  4. I didn't think of it.

Mary on Argh Ink said, "Back to the remote control and further back in history you could have used hand clapping for five sets of lights. What a nightmare!"

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