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Little Green Balls Must Be... Endearing

The various chili peppers (Purple Chili, Piri-piri Chili and plain Chili Peppers) are all flowering. I have been busy with the AeroGarden bee-shaped vibrator, trying my best to ensure pollination and maybe even cross-pollination. I want peppers.

The lone tomato plant in my Smart Gardens has flowered, been pollinated, and begun to bear fruit. As new blossoms appear, the vibrator gets deployed. The little green balls here are smaller but more numerous than the AeroGarden variety in the QYO system.

These tomatoes are larger than those in the Smart Garden, but I started with nine tomato plants in two QYO units. I'm down to five plants, and three of those are on life support. Two have no buds, no blossoms, and no sign of thinking about getting ready to maybe produce any. They just suck up nutrients the producing plants need.

The next time around, I will not make the same mistakes. I won't plant more than four tomato pods in the two units. I'll prune them more often to keep them shorter. I'll make new mistakes, instead.

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