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Macramé - Knot For Everyone

Updated: May 28, 2022


This is exactly what my light blocker for The Bucket will look nothing like. I mean it is identical to this, except for the color and size of cord used, the choice of knots used, the method of suspension... there will be a ring at the top, just like, the one shown. It's a different size, but at least it's round, probably.

The project requires that I do Math. There will be three chains connecting the top ring to a plant hanger over The Bucket. That should mean that the number of cords attached to the top ring should be divisible by three, so the chains can be equidistant from each other. But, should I later wish to use four chains, then the same reasoning applies - divisibility by four. To achieve both goals, the number should be divisible by twelve. No worries. I think the 14" ring can accommodate 120 cords. Two spools of cord supplied 68 pieces over three yards long. Two more should be more than ample, especially if I "measure twice/cut once."

2022-05-27 13:00

While I was composing this post, my grandson brought me two packages. The first was from Etsy, Anastasia Marie, spools I ordered for the Ranches. Getting the wiring up, rather than down. The second is my three spools of black-green 5mm macramé cord, plus a starter kit and beads. I now have no excuse not to get on with the projects. The starter kit includes instructions on how to knot.

2022-05-27 20:30

I went through spool #3 and started spool #4. There are 108 pieces more than 8' in length. That "measure twice/cut once" should read "measure three times, then check it again/cut once." No matter. It just means there will be fewer knots in total.

But the ring is entirely full of cord, doubled over and knotted to the ring. I'm resting my arms before I start knotting again. I mean, my muscles are knotted, too. Tomorrow is another day.

The knot by which the cords are attached to the ring is called a Lark's Head Knot. I tied 108 of them without knowing that. The vast majority of knots in my not-a-chandelier will be square knots. There will also be gaps with no knots. I will likely finish the bottom with gathering knots and frayed ends. These are not the knots I learned in Scouting/Boat & Deck Seamanship. (I was also a Sea Explorer Scout.)

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