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"Making Do" Must Be Endured

Updated: Dec 20, 2022


Closing on the New Dwelling continues to be scheduled for December 29. Packing continues. My "closet" has been broken down to component parts, even though I may end up with a conventional closet or at least a wardrobe, probably with some assembly required. Maybe an armoire.

I've dragged storage boxes (3) from under my bed. One of them contains a quilt my grandmother made in the 1950s. I used to have one of her quilts that I used every day until it was beyond repair. I don't want that to be this quilt's fate, but none of our descendants want it. I should sell it to a collector.


Obviously, I don't even know how to display the quilt to advantage, or how to label it accurately. It's just "Quilt by Dillie Mae Jordan, circa 1958."

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