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More Scantily Clad Gardening Observations

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

2022-10-12 04:20:00

In total, I have acquired three aquarium air pumps, two Pulaco and one AP420 Air Pluse. With them, three bags of accessories, including tubing, tubing unions and tees, anti-return valves, and air stones. Unlikely to be used are suction cups with tubing grips. Harvey, Harvey Too, Seble, Teresa, Fredonia and Grit are rigged for aeration. The third pump and several air stones may end up serving Phredd and Ethyl, depending on how the rest perform.

The wild strawberry in Katemcy has germinated and grown half an inch almost. The wild strawberry in Pontotoc has died unborn from white mold and been disposed of. The Mason jar will be bleached and retired, for now.

The impression I had of the Kratky system was that you put an initial amount of nutrients and water in the jar and then passively watched your garden grow. That turns out not to be the case[1]. I have had to add water and nutrients to all the jars in use. Castor was hosting a romaine lettuce seed pod. The lettuce had used up all but the last inch of water, which was below the roots' reach, and the plant had begun to droop. Death, imminent. That lettuce was swapped with a romaine seed pod in Fredonia and is recovering nicely with aeration.

Basil is doing well everywhere it's planted. I still say it is part of the Kudzu family.

Señor Mini Jalapeño continues to put out new greenery. Rescued and thriving.

I've harvested one Jalapeño pepper, one yellow sweet pepper, and three red tiny tomatoes from the ranches.

Teresa's FMS{2} visual alarm started blinking some time after most of the grow lights had winked off. I checked; Harvey is blinking, too. The other two gardens were depowered and cleaned, and their alarms will be out of synch with the others


[1] "That turns out not to be the case is the polite way to call "Bullshit!" See The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

"Wrong," said Renner.

"The tactful way," Rod said quietly, "the polite way to disagree with the Senator would be to say, 'That turns out not to be the case.' "

Renner's face lit up. "Hey. I like that. Anyway, the Senator's wrong.

[2] FMS means "Feed Me, Seymour!" from Little Shop of Horrors. See previous posts. It happens every fortnight. The light (red at right normally green) is labeled "ADD PLANT FOOD"

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