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More Seafood Diet


TUNA CAKES (bottom row) and CRAB CAKES (top row)

I so enjoyed the tuna cakes from before Thanksgiving that I doubled down on the recipe:

Just like before, there was also black pepper and garlic powder and habanero powder. There wouldn't have been any Egg Beaters, but I dropped the third egg. I salvaged the yoke and some of the white using that trick where you suck it into an empty bottle. It worked.

There was enough to fill fifteen of the cupcake slots in three tins. I had thawed a package of Phillips Maryland Style Crab Cakes. Two cakes, 171 grams total weight, so I combined and divided them into three cakes of 57 grams each. The photo above is the third cupcake tin of seafood cakes. They came out better than the Thanksgiving batch. I've already eaten six cakes.

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